Things I think about a lot:

  • If that
  • Define girlfriends
  • No no no 

The most hilarious thing is that whoever translated the question that prompted the “no, no, no” in English actually did it wrong. When fans asked the father of the girl what they meant to ask Louis, he answered that they meant to ask him if he and Eleanor are really together or not, as in “Are you really in a relationship with Eleanor?”. But the translation of “being in a relationship with” from Italian to English may be misleading, so they translated “essere impegnato con” (actually “being in a relationship with”) as “engaged”. So, instead of a forced Eleanor “proof” from Louis, who would have been cornered, we got the hilarious “no, no, no”. haroldmadness

afoverdeHarry & Damian


I think Julian’s “essay” was beautiful though. Like, he said the anchor has a function because of the ship. Which is true, because if you have no ship then the anchor is useless.

Harry has both the anchor and the ship… but he doesn’t have rope… Louis has the exact thing he needs, Louis COMPLEMENTS Harry. The rope is necessary for Harry’s ship and anchor to be connected. Meanwhile, Louis’ compass has absolutely no purpose without the ship, and the ship would navigate without a course if it weren’t for the compass.

Thank you, Julian, this was wonderful, now we connected all four tattoos instead of two pairs ♥.♥

The famous nautical knots with chains. So simple, so common, so practical, so useful.

"Your hands my hands tied up like two ships".

How does one go about and tie a chain. I do wonder.


Maybe Julian needs glasses.

He should remove himself from the conversation and stop embarrassing himself (right click to view full size).

Maybe Julian needs glasses. gossip-candy
Anonymous said: This isn't meant to offend or criticize but why are so many of you big Larry blogs women who are anywhere from mid twenties to late thirties? Why is something like a young, maybe gay couple even interesting to you? I mean it's great, you do you, but what is the intrigue? Why do you ladies care so much?


the better question is why do YOU care that WE care? 

to answer the age thing - i think it’s that older people (meaning not teens/preteens) have had a little more time on this earth and aren’t as susceptible to the heavy marketing/media push (i.e., we see that harry’s media portrayal doesn’t match with who harry seems to actually be as a person - manwhore vs. guy who tries very hard to respect women)…and we have probably had a few more relationships under our belts and look at the Louis/Eleanor thing and say - wtf - these people have zero chemistry or even interest (whereas the younger elounor shippers see heart eyes where there are none simply because they’ve been told by the media that elounor is together).

it’s interesting to me because I’ve lived through the boyband era of the 80s/90s and got to see Lance Bass and Ricky Martin come out. It’s interesting to me because there is so much shady stuff going on with this band - it’s fascinating. They try so hard to push certain images even though they contradict what is right there in front of everyone. 

As a gay person, I care because I hate that 1DHQ pushes the “gay = bad” so hard that they pit fans against each other. I’ve seen some serious bullying in this fandom purely based on a belief that two people might be together - it’s been actively pushed by the media and 1DHQ even with no regard that you’re dealing with younger fans who might not handle the bullying as well as someone my age. It’s a huge case of “methinks thou doth protest too much”. Whether H+L are really together - only they know for sure…but there are some serious shady goings on.

The irony is us older larry people actually have “less” investment in whether louis/harry are truly gay….we KNOW we’ll never marry them one day. The ones who are the MOST invested are the kiddies who actually think they have a chance with L/H and are willing to shout down anyone who thinks different. 

I think I never explained the "HL Playlist" that’s linked in my sidebar, oops. It’s every song that I relate to them for various reasons:

  • Lyrics tattooed.
  • Lyrics tweeted.
  • First song sang together.
  • Specifically talked about the song in an interview/concert.

I THINK it’s complete, I don’t know if it’s completely up to date. Probably missing a few songs -note, I didn’t add songs with lyrics that had absolutely nothing to do with them because blah-.